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Llega la secuela de Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse con una nueva aventura de plataformas 2D. En esta entrega nos enfrentaremos a un misterio relacionado con una serie de crímenes. Volveremos a ver los contenidos del original con una resolución en alta definición. A continuación podréis ver los trofeos de que consta esta nueva entrega de las aventuras de Shantae:


Ret-dos-Go!: Start your day fresh!

Investi-gator: Avoid detection from all the Techno Grunts.

Jump jump diapositiva slide: Leap over every canister as you diapositiva down the chute.

Race to the Top: Climb Tassel Tower at record speed.

In it to win it!: Eliminate the competition.

Magic Carpet Ride: Reach the end of the race without falling off your carpet!

Inventor’s Assistant: Finish building the Dynamo.

The Swim Team: Gather up as many friends as possible for a swim!

Relic Seeker: Obtain any magic relic.

Relic Hunter: Obtain half of the magic relics.

Fan Favorite: Unlock any door in the Art Gallery.

Key to my Heart: Unlock half the doors in the Art Gallery.

Not selling you snake oil: Make a deal with a sneaky, snakey seller of magical secrets.

The Spider Queen: Defeat a Bonelegs enemy as a Spider.

Squish!: Crush an enemy with a block.

Back at ya!: Reflect cinco attacks back at an enemy with the Mirror.

Bone Breaker: Smash 10 skeletons with the Elephant.

Cooked!: Defeat diez enemies using a Fireball.

Shocking Encounter!: Defeat veinte enemies with Lightning.

Don’t call it that!: Defeat P.O.O.P. T.O.O.T.

Vicious, Vile, and Vain: Free the missing maidens!

A case of the olds!: Discover the history of Tassel Town’s brightest star.

Double Trouble: Sometimes two are better than one… but not this time!

An act of foul play: Foil the heist in Cape Crustacean.

Shantae frente a the Important Squid Baron: It’d sell like buns.

A Magnetic Field: Obtained the Magnet

Mining for Minerals: Obtained Copper Ore

Force of Darkness: Obtained the Dark Shard

Champion of Light: Obtained the Light Shard

The final pieces…: Obtained the Zombie Hamster and the Iron Slab


The Great Escape: Avoid all the gears during the escape diapositiva.

Fully Formed: Obtain all magic forms!

Relic Collector: Obtain all magic relics!

Master of Unlocking: Unlock all the doors in the Art Gallery.

Pummeled Pirate: Thwarted the Queen of the Seven Seas.

Brain Basher: Put a stop to the mechanized madness!

Finders Keepers: Collect all of Risky’s personal possessions.

Speed Runner: Saved the day as fast as possible!


Guardian Genie: Beat the game.

Half-Genie, all Hero!: Achieve cien por ciento completion!

Cheese Queen of the Seven… Cheese: Defeat Risky Boots as a Mouse.

Quick Collector: Achieve cien por ciento completion as fast as possible!


Sequin Land Hero: Unlock all Trophies for ‘Shantae: Half-Genie Hero’.

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